Turning Roll series
  HGZ Automatic-adjusting Turning Roll 
  HGK Manual-adjusting Turning Roll by Lead-screw 
  HLK Manual-adjusting Turning Roll by Bolt 
  HGFK Anti-drifting Turning Roll 
  Special-made Turning Roll 
Manipulator series
Positioner series
  Welding Positioner 
Cutting machine series
  Strip-cutting machine series 
  CNC Flame/Plasma Cutting machine 
  CNC Pipe Intersection Cutting Machine 
  Option unit of CNC cutting machine 
Steel-structure production line
  H-beam Production line 
  T-beam Production line 
  Flipping unit of structure members 
Edge-milling machine series
  Standard edge-milling machine 
  Special-made edge-milling machine 
Special-made welding equipment
H-beam Fabrication machine
  H-beam Fabrication machine 
Facing machine
  Facing machine 

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