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BOX-beam Production Line

    The BOX-beam for high-rise steel-structure use is produced by several processes including cutting, welding and assembly of internal baffler, U-beam assembly, CO2 welding of internal baffler, BOX-beam assembly, CO2 back welding, electro-slag welding, SAW, facing, etc. Usually these equipments are deployed in form of individual machines, which can be arranged into automatic production line when introducing conveyor and assistant flipping and transporting units.

                          Technical parameter:




BOX-beam cross-section H×W (mm)



Work-piece length (mm)


Max. Work-piece weight

20 Ton.

Internal baffler assembly machine                                          U-beam assembly machine
Boom-type CO2 Back welding machine                                    Seam tracer of back welding
Boom-type Consumable Electro-slag welding machine                       Consumable Electro-slag welding head

Non-consumable Electro-slag Welding machine                             Head of Non-consumable Electro-slag Welding
Boom-type SAW machine                                         Seam tracer of Double Arc SAW

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